Willy Welch



Some videos of recent - and not-so-recent - performances.

Why we do what we do. This one is dedicated to Pete Seeger.
Willy sings a medley of songs he wrote for his wife, much to her chagrin. Performed live at the Kitchen Cafe in Plano, Tx. April 2015
Wendy & Willy at the Kitchen Cafe, 4/22/15 Singing one of Willy's tunes from "the old days" in NYC cabaret.

One from the old days.

Wendy & Willy at the West Bank Cafe Downstairs Theatre Bar, 1986.  Song, such as it is, written by Willy Welch.

A song I wrote about visiting my folks' lake house in northern Minnesota. Performed at Two Corks & A Bottle in Dallas, Tx. 9/16