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Credits for the latest Album

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Playing Right Field, I’m Not Livin’ in Texas, Welcome the Light, I’m Gonna Hold On To You and Whole Lotta Fishin’:

were recorded at Calliope Studios, NYC, engineered by Chris Irwin, produced by Peter Moffitt and Kyle McLellan. 

Peter Moffitt: Piano, flute, DX7,percussion, cello; Kermit Driscoll: Bass; Clint DeGanon: Drums; Willy Welch, Guitar; Jeffrey Sick, Fiddle; Maury Falkoff: Mandolin, Hawaiian guitar.  Female solo and harmonizing vocals:  Wendy Welch; background vocals:  the Grace Church Free Pizza choir

Fallen Flowers, Open Eyes and North Country Memory:

were recorded, arranged and produced by David Baker at Postscore, Dallas, Tx.    Keyboards: David Baker; Electric guitars: Roy Lyle

Daddy Has Dreams, Keep On Keepin’ On and My Dad

Were arranged and engineered by Mike McClain, McClain’s Recording, Mesquite, Tx.     Keyboards: Mike McClain;  Guitars:  Milo Deering

Quiet Desperation and Come On Up

were recorded and mixed by Mack Price, at his studio in Dallas Tx.  Guitars by Willy Welch and Jesse DeAnda, Bass:  Julien Devreaux; Drums:  David Davis